CHRONOS Systems Tutorials

This section contains tutorials that have been made to demonstrate various aspects of the CHRONOS System environment.  They have been tested to work with the shockwave plugin on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. 
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Introduction to the procedures for making and accessing an ANDRILL account on the CHRONOS System portal.  The user is taken from the ANDRILL web site to the CHRONOS system and guided on how to request an account.  Details on the account and the procedures to activate it are then emailed to the user.

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portal view
A quick tutorial on how to log into the portal system for the first time and add yourself to the ANDRILL group within the portal system.  A quick tour of the personal profile section is also made to give people an introduction on the process of setting information related to an application and submissions of a proposal.

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Andrill portal view
The use and operation of the conop9 web service interface through the CHRONOS System portal.  Example data exist at the conop9 web service page in the tools section of the site.  This tutorial uses this example data and show the user how to send in a job, monitor its status and obtain its results.

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conop9 view
This tutorial provides a quick introduction to the use of the Age Range Chart option in the Time Scale Information System (TIS).  In this example a age range chart is made for DSDP hole 74_525A that is used in the K/T boundary example poster. 

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carc view
This is a general introduction to the Time Scale Information System  (TIS) interface.  It provides a general introduction to the system and provides the basis for branching out into the use of the other modules in the TIS system such as the age range charts, time scale evolution module.

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tis view
This demo provides a quick tour of the Age Depth Plot program and the various features that it has.

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adp view
This tutorial shows the use of the CHRONOS Search system to generate diversity curves.

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diversity view