Tool Development

Please go to the portal to access these tools. For information or help on these web services and using them in your web site or tool please contact CHRONOS and we will be happy to assist you in your efforts or provide any need documentation. Code example will also be made available to show how to use these services. Please also visit the Services subsection of the Conduct Searches tab for more information on these.

Age Depth Plot: The CHRONOS Age-Depth plotting program, ADP, is a Java re-implementation of the ADP program written by Dave Lazarus for the Macintosh ( Lazarus, 1992, Lazarus, 1995). It reads paleontological age-depth data from the Neptune database or from local files, plots those data, and allows interactive fitting of a line of correlation or age model. The plot may be saved in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format or as PNG or JPEG file. [Go To]

CONOP9 Web service: CHRONOS has started work on a web services based version of the CONOP9 graphic correlation program. This system is still very much in its early stages, but is completely usable in this early form. [Go To]

Workflow: The CHRONOS resources are available as service and data objects. These objects are kept intentionally abstract to allow them to be placed together in various ways to form workflows. This allows the researcher to create the connection between the various tools and data as he or she sees fit. We are using the Kepler workflow package to test and use our objects in a workflow environment.

Electronic Visualization Lab Core Wall: The Electronic Visualization Laboratory CoreWall effort (ref: is a tool that the CHRONOS group is looking to interconnect some of its tools and data into. The picture to the right is the EVL CoreWall system configured by CHRONOS at out our Iowa State University facilities. We are working with EVL and other CoreWall collaborators to interconnect this tool into our web and data services

Cyclostratigraphy Tools Demo: A Demo of the Time Series Analysis Toolbox can be found here.